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Push ups can be done anywhere. The Pushup Challenge is when you do 100 pushups a day for 30 days in a row.. It's the perfect way to create a new exercises habit and build discipline. It is also a great workout routine that works wonders for your body, and it requires no gym or exercise equipment 30 Day Pull Up Challenge: https://youtu.be/8kLPUHFuy34Check out CHISELL and train your JAW: http://bit.ly/guntherdagreatI did 100 push ups a day for 30 days. 100 PUSH UPS a day for 30 DAYS CHALLANGE 👉Do you want to BUILD HUGE MUSCLE MASS??👉Dont't forget the right NUTRITION, because it's IMPORTANT if you want to.. This Guy Did 100 Pushups Every Day for 30 Days. Here's What It Did to His Chest. Here's What It Did to His Chest. Alex Garfeh tracked his progress as he did 3,000 pushups over the course of a month This challenge is simple. To complete it, you must do 100 pushups per day, every day, for 30 consecutive days. If you can't do 100 pushups straight through, that's fine. You can break up the 100 repetitions however you need to. 10 pushups at a time 10 times throughout the day. 20 pushups 5 times per day. 50 pushups 2 times per day

Attempting 100 push-ups every day for 30 days is not for everyone. Heck, I know a lot of people who don't think they can do ONE push-up, and that's fine! Heck, I know a lot of people who don't. Push ups are one of the most well-known exercises, yet they happen to be one of the most challenging. Done correctly, pushups require full body strength.Whether you are struggling to complete 3 in a row or are hoping to increase repetitions, a simple way to improve your strength is with a 30 day push up challenge PUSH UP BENEFITS💪Traditional pushups are beneficial for building upper body strength. They work the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. When done wit.. YouTuber Cookie did 100 pushups, situps and air squats every day for 30 days, and tracked his progress as he improved his form and endurance Bringt die 30 Day Liege Stütz (Push Up) Challenge was? Hallo Hallo zusammen. Ich möchte die 30 Tage Liegestütz challenge austesten jetzt wollte ich mal fragen ob das was bringt oder ob ihr selbst Erfahrung damit gemacht habt und es weiterempfehlen könnte weil ich mag einfach ein bisschen Muskeln aufbauen und ob das überhaupt unterstützt beim Muskel aufbauen

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Web site One Hundred Push Ups details a training plan for going from 0 to 100 push-ups in a matter of six weeks. We've discussed why the push-up belongs in your fitness routine, but we didn't offer you a good road to push-up bliss. One Hundred Push Ups takes a graduated approach to 100, with a very detailed plan and several levels depending on your fitness going into it The 30 Day Push Up Challenge. See also: The Best Bodyweight Exercises For Small Spaces; The Best Morning Workouts For Men; The 30 Day Ab Challenge: Push Yourself For A Month; The past year or so I have started doing push ups almost everyday. At the moment I currently do about 100 to 150 push ups on most days, together with whatever workout I plan for that specific day. And to be honest, I feel. I would suggest starting the program on Week 3. Choose either Column 2 or 3 based on the number of pushups you managed in your initial test. For example: let's say you managed 8 pushups. Looking at the second column, Day 1 begins with Set 1 (6 pushups), a rest period of 60 seconds, before moving on to Set 2 (6 pushups) By day 30 you'll be able to do 100 push-ups in just one workout. Yep, you heard right: 100 push-ups! If just hearing the word push-up makes you uneasy, there's no need to stress — you've got.

The challenge I was interested in was 100 push-ups, almost every day, for six consecutive weeks. Would this challenge be enough to change my appearance and significantly increase my strength? Would I like the results? To answer these questions, I tried the challenge myself. You can try it for yourself at home, with any push-up variation you're comfortable with De 30 days push-up challenge is één van de vele fysieke challenges. Je daagt jezelf (of iemand anders) hiermee uit om een maand lang push ups te gaan doen. Dit doe je iedere dag, eventueel op een paar rustdagen na. Het kan een goede kick-start zijn om kracht of spieren op te bouwen. Maar je kunt de uitdaging natuurlijk ook aangaan om mentaal sterker te worden of van sporten een nieuwe. Read:-30 Different Types of push-ups and its benefits. 8. Make It Competitive. My and my team Brt experience says that if you create competition in achieving the goal, then you fastly gain your success goal. Doing 100 push-ups a day challenge to your friend and with many others Banging out 100 push-ups isn't something most normal people can do. With this plan, you'll build up the muscular endurance and strength to reach this milestone without rest. Getting into a good workout routine can be difficult, especially if you don't know where to start. Luckily, there are plenty of challenges to help you build an exercise routine that helps to increase your overall.


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He breaks the 100 pushups down into 3 sets which he does throughout the day, consisting of 35 reps in the morning, 35 in the afternoon, and 30 in the evening. Outside of the pushup challenge, Nav. So choose a very specific target or goal. Eg: 100 Pushups in a WEEK, a DAY, an HOUR, 10 MINUTES or 100 non-stop pushups. 100 pushups a day for 30 days. Focus on your target. Do it with a friend. 3. Customise Plan. Scroll down and enter your best pushups total (for the style you choose) in the Pushups Plan Calculator

Even though it's my birthday, I still plan to do the push-ups. This challenge is almost halfway through, and I've been brainstorming what could be in store for future challenges. Here are some ideas: 30-day Yoga Challenge (Do You Yoga, Yoga with Adriene) Traveling cook, COVID edition - I'll gather a bunch of recipes that represent cities I'd like to travel to but currently can't. Answer (1 of 10): I found out in my late 20's that if there is a very quick way to build your fitness level and achieve greater fitness. I took some time off from fitness when I was 29 and decided to get fit again. When I planned out my fitness routine , I decided to do pushups, I did 25 , then I.. Yes, you can get to 50 push-ups! Try our 30-day challenge. By Catherine DiBenedetto October 07, 2015. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If.

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  1. - August 6, 2021. 0. 57. Facebook. Pinterest. I needed to type a behavior of exercise in my life that's why I attempted this 30 days of doing push up challenge and I made success to it And now I'm beginning my lengthy journey in the direction of higher me, match and healthy way of life. I loss 10kg for.
  2. After a few day of doing 100 push-ups a day, I decided to do it consistently for 30 days. 100 push-ups for 30 days would be 3,000 push-ups. Below are a few things I learned while doing these 3,000.
  3. Time to shed those Winter pounds and build some Summer muscle. Im going to be challenging myself next month, the month of May, to do 100 pushups a day for 30 days in a row. It would be great for others to join me and post here about their progress. I think Im going to break it up 30/30/30/10 throughout the day
  4. The 30 Day Push-Up Challenge Exercise Instructions. 1st Day: 15 PUSH UPS 2nd Day: 16 PUSH UPS 3rd Day: 17 PUSH UPS 4th Day: 18 PUSH UPS 5th Day: REST DAY 6th Day: 19 PUSH UPS 7th Day: 20 PUSH UPS 8th Day: 21 PUSH UPS 9th Day: 22 PUSH UPS 10th Day: REST DAY 11th Day: 23 PUSH UPS 12th Day: 24 PUSH UPS 13th Day: 25 PUSH UPS 14th Day: 26 PUSH UPS 15th Day: REST DAY 16th Day: 27 PUSH UPS 17th Day.
  5. Comments Off on 100 Push-Ups a Day: Day 28 I was hyper aware of what happened last night, so I got them all done within the past hour. 100 push-ups, I'm a little out of breath, but they're done. Aaaand, only 2 more days to go

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I got my 100 push-ups in doing sets of 10 before breakfast. I'm super thankful for this challenge because I don't think I would be doing anything active otherwise. Thanks for everyone who's been joining and cheering my on virtually! Skip to content. A Year of 30 Day Challenges. A blog about trying 12 30-day challenges in a year. A Year of 30-Day Challenges; Blog; Posted in 100 Push-Ups. - 100 Push Ups - 100 Bodyweight Squats Every day for 30 days, except take a day off when you really need it (like once a week on Sundays) and if your joints are hurting. You can do everything in one workout, but it's recommended to spread the sets throughout the day (grease the groove method) to stay fresh. Staying fresh is the key. 1 3 EXERCISE 30-DAY KICK-START WORKOUT CHALLENGE 2. This is. I Did 100 Push-Ups Every Day for Over a Year. Yep, my arms and core were more toned than ever, but there were some hidden perks, too. It all started as a CrossFit challenge at the box I used to frequent near my home in Burlington, VT. For the month of November, our coaches asked members to see how many push-ups they could do each day

30-Day Pushup Challenge Moves Time to work your way up to badass pushups. The following exercises will help you train the muscles you need for the essential exercise, says Gray The 30-Day Press-Up Challenge. Once you've mastered the form, it's time for this challenge designed by Maximuscle expert personal trainer Paul Olima. The first few days build up with regular. A small collection of videos on the 100-200 push ups a day challenge. Seems people are getting amazing results from doing just 100 push ups a day for 30 days. May take a moment to load. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations I'm a little more than halfway through my own 30 day push-up/squat challenge (the day I heard that sit-ups weren't great was a really good day). Squats are going well enough that I wonder if I'm doing them wrong, but push-ups are still meh. The last few days I've felt like I'm getting better with the push-ups, but my goal of moving from baby (kitchen counter) push-ups to knee push-ups seems.

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I'm a couch potato by nature. Not over weight, just a small beer gut. Zero upper body strength. I work from home, sitting at a desk all day, I don't do sports and I don't get any other form of exercise. I started the 100-pushups-a-day-for-30-days challenge -- just completed day 11, so still a long way to go Pushup Challenge for Men 30 Day Pushup-Challenge-for-Men-30-Day Pushup Challenge for Women Pushup-Challenge-for-Women Push up Challenge Results Pushup-Challenge-Results. You can easily share these Workout Challenge Chart with your friends, family and your followers. In the end of the post we have provided some buttons that will help you to. I'm curious to know, if I do my 100 push up challenge within 10 to 30 minutesstill effective. 3. 1 comment. share. save. 12. Posted by 16 days ago. Just hit the week 1 mark, and I managed to do 50 pushups in under a minute. Feeling pretty good about myself rn, new personal record 💪 . 12. 0 comments. share. save. 14. Posted by 1 month ago. 90 off 100 but its a start lol. youtu.be/WJAQAq.

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It is with that in mind that many people have tried different challenges, including the 100 push-ups a day challenge. So, does doing 100 push-ups a day really work? Yes. One hundred push-ups a day work if you are a beginner when it comes to fitness training I started push-up workout in March 2018. My chest and back were not in the shape and size I want. I achieved all my desired results by doing push up workouts daily for 70 days. In March 2018 I was not a novice in push-ups. I was into a moderate level push-up workout, which is why I chose to do 70-100 push-ups daily as a challenge. I didn't. The 3 Month Push Up Challenge. Also see: 30 Day Pull Up Challenge For Men: How To Get Stronger; 5 Bodyweight Exercises For Men That Anyone Can Master; How To Start An Exercise Routine: Why All Men Need One ; As stated above, push ups require no gym equipment and can be done on the floor at home or during lunch break in office hours. With 10 minutes a day, you can pump out a lot of push ups and. Build up to 50 push ups in a month - 30 day fitness challenge. Print & Use

‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Squats 100 Free - 30 days workout challenge. Download Squats 100 Free - 30 days workout challenge and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch When you do 100 push ups, you are going to find that this burns around 30 to 50 calories. While this doesn't seem like a lot, you are going to find that the benefits of push ups is what makes this an exercise that you should do in your daily workout. And within a week of doing 100 push ups you will burn around 240 calories per week, which can add up throughout the month Why a 100 pushups a day challenge? So you can hit 100 push-ups a day! This adds up to between 2,800 and 3,100 pushups a month and can add up to a total of 36,500 pushups a year. Because you know you want to get fit! What is a workout routine that will take you less than 15 minutes a day? Is there one exercise you can do which will not require a lot of time and special equipment? The answer is. 100 Push-Ups a day 30 day challenge [May 2021] Jump to Latest divide the rest of the height by 2 and that leave 25.5 and 33 respectively. 7.5 change for each push-up. That would mean that distance wise at 10 pushups the shorter man does 255 of elevation and taller 330. Distance wise the shorter man would need to do an additional 75 more or approximately 3 additional pushups.

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  1. Read below for the pushup challenge, and how to hit 100 in one shot. How to start . The first step is to figure out how many pushups you can do while holding proper form. Doing this will allow you.
  2. al exercise and the push-up is known to.
  3. Day 2 (15 sets) Push-ups — 3 x 20-30. Incline Bench Press — 5 x 6-8 (add weight each set) Hex Press — 5 x 8-12. Day 3 (100 Rep Test) Push-ups — 1 x 100 (or max effort) Push-ups — 2 x Max.
  4. DAY 3; REST 120 SECONDS BETWEEN EACH SET (LONGER IF REQUIRED) PUSHUPS: 16-20: 21-25 >25: SET 1: 11: 16: 22: SET 2: 13: 21: 30: SET 3: 9: 15: 20: SET 4 : 9: 15: 20: SET 5: 13+ 21+ 28+ Completed this workout? Go log it at PUSHUPS LOGGER! Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 . Hopefully you made it safely through the third week and you're ready to move on to Week 4. Keep up the great work.
  5. 100 SQUAT CHALLENGE 😭 __ For the next 30 days I'm doing 100 squats every day. Because apparently I'm a glutton for punishment. Today marks Day 1, and my quads already burn like hell
  6. While a single push up may not do much in terms of cardiovascular training, 200 a day can pose a serious enough challenge to help you give your heart and lungs a serious workout. If you don't have the time or space to perform any cardiovascular training, push-ups are a great way for you to kill two birds with a single stone

Support me cumrade i'm trying a 30 days challenge doing 100 pushups, squats, sit ups during NNN hope i do well. Progress. Close. 1.5k. Posted by. DiamondNoNutter 2020 . 3 days ago. Support me cumrade i'm trying a 30 days challenge doing 100 pushups, squats, sit ups during NNN hope i do well. Progress. 92 comments. share. save. hide. report. 99% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment. Build a Great Chest & Strong Arms. Train from 0 to 100 pushups in 10 weeks. Get ready to live your dream. Made by the Clear Sky Fitness Experts, the same people that built the famous Situps, Pull-ups, Squats, 5K Runner and 10K Runner apps. Gradually go from 0 to 100 pushups in 10 weeks. The workouts are 3 times a week, 20 mins each Push Ups Ladder Challenge 30 Day Pushups Challenge. Push Ups By Age Chart Inkah. How To Do A Push Up Test. 30 Day Exercise Chart Template Calendar Design. 1 Minute Push Up Test Chart Nalnol. 30 Days Push Up Challenge For Men Pushup Workout Chart. Workoutwednesday Push Up Challenge Recap Common Room. The 30 Day Push Up Challenge For Seriously Sculpted Arms . Push Ups By Age Chart Inkah. Nalini. Astrid believes in rest days (yes, I was already asking about taking days off) but she said since this was a challenge, she thought it was OK to go 30 days straight doing push-ups. 6 These days on the internet you will often see fitness challenges go viral. The one we are focusing on today is doing 100 push ups a day for 30 days straight. While this is a far cry from true bodybuilding - it is an attempt to get average people more in shape through simple but effective challenges. So if you only did 100 push ups a day for 30 days would you actually notice a difference.

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  1. h. One more thing 1 gym I highly recommend is a gym in holbeck called 360 Fit, High quality equipment and good staff, one of the best gyms I've visited. Try out the source. Body Transformation. Post navigation.
  2. Just give us one 30-day push-up challenge, and we'll give you the tools you need to master the mat and reveal your most sculpted upper body yet. Follow along with Holly as she demos each exercise in the slides that follow, and don't forget to add some pull exercises (like rows and pull-ups) throughout the thirty day push-up challenge. Any balanced full body workout should work opposing.
  3. a to the point where you can do 100 pushups in a row

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  1. The 30 day push up challenge for beginners. Don't to forget to repin on Pinterest! The calendar is provided above with the required amount of reps for each day. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, this is a very effective 30 day challenge that you can do to help tone your upper body and lose weight. Week one starts off with a few reps and as you progress to the other weeks, you'll be.
  2. On two other days, do 10 sets of 10 pushups. Reduce your rest periods by fi ve seconds each week. So, Week 1, 30 seconds; Week 2, 25 seconds, and so on. In Week 5, go for one set of max pushups
  3. But if you already can do a 100 Push Ups, even in a couple of sets, then it's not much of a benefit. Why is that so? Our bodies are very adaptive. Once you regularly expose your muscles to the same type of stress, they get used to it and stop growing bigger and stronger. More than 30 reps of Push Ups per set won't get you anywhere
  4. 100 push ups seems like a lot - it can sound a bit daunting. But stick with us and you will be doing a 100 push ups inno time. We designed the training and we tested it - it works! and it's free. Push ups are a fantastic exercise which will develop your physique significantly and they do not require equipment of any kind
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i am a kid of 14 years last day we had a contest in school . i took 28 pushups and my chalenger took 30 after me , all my friends tease me as my chalenger was in 8 grade lower than mine i want to have my pride back . i asked my chalenger how many push ups were the max for him he told me that he would take 100 on each day i think he is boosting and think that his max is around 70 . i chalenged. Answer (1 of 7): First of all, are you physically able to do that many? The vast majority of people, even strong ones, cannot do 100 pull-ups. 100 push-ups is attainable eventually but it will take much time to get there. Even if you were able to do that many, you would be very sore everywhere t..

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Now, the crazy thing about the One Punch Man challenge is that at the height of the challenge, you have to complete 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and - this is the most excruciating of all - a 10km run, every day for a week, in order to transform yourself from an average-bodied person, into a superhero.Or, at least that's what Saitama, the comic's protagonist promises 30 Day 50 Push-up Challenge Week One: You would appreciate this tender warm-up time spell since it will give you the time to concentrate on your body build. Start each bout in a straight arm plank and keep in check the following: Find an impartial and fair spinal position, so that the shoulder bones line up to the upper portion of your back and hip muscles. Draw in the hip muscles. Through. Answer (1 of 108): For one version of the answer, I liked this video very much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2iICRLVkfY My version of the answer: Before I explain. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Pushups 100 - 30 days workout challenge. Download Pushups 100 - 30 days workout challenge and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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30 Day Challenge - 3000 Squats & 1000 Push-Ups - This 30 day challenge will improve your fitness and strength over the course of a month. All you have to do is a set number of squats & push ups every day Your 30-Day Workout Schedule - Every day is mapped out so you know EXACTLY what to do! Warms Ups - Foam Rolling, Stretching and Activation Your 30 Day Pull Up Workouts - Includes: Pyramid Workouts, Upper Body Intervals, Activation Workouts and Full-Body Strength Workouts! Your complete 30-day program is laid out in this 94-page guide! Exercise Library - All of the exercises are laid out in. I'm doing this one, the thigh slimming one, and beside that I'm doing 100 days of push-ups. I am already on day 9 today, I can see results on my abs, I think I lost around a cm! 🙂 But my thighs are getting a bit bigger. I'm not going to worry yet since I'm with my period and that might make me feel a bit inflated The Challenge: You are to work up to perform 100 pushups (or as many as you can) Daily practice should be broken up into multiple sessions and spread through out the day (such as doing 20 pushups every couple hours) Keep a steady pace and under control, this isn't about speed more strength. If you are feeling progress slow down, then do less reps/sets during the day. Have fun with it.

About Hundred Pushups. Hundred Pushups is the ultimate program to train the body to go from just one pushup to 100 consecutive reps in less than two months -- sculpting muscles in the chest, abs, back, glutes and arms without a single piece of unwieldy equipment A 30-Day Push-Up Challenge for Better Upper Body Strength. Just two moves per day can help you master this basic exercise and hold your position on the bike. By Danielle Zickl. May 21, 2021 Zack.

After the 30 days your goal should be to at least be able to do one regular push up if you cannot currently. For those who can already do a good number of push ups and are fairly active, really push yourself and try to use this as a challenge to yourself to try to accomplish something So here's what's going to happen: For the next 30 days, I'm going to do 100 push ups every day. At the peak of my physically prowess I actually could do over 50 without stopping, nowwell let's say at one of my jobs last week, we had a push-up contest andI didn't winreally didn'tbut flab be damned The 30 Day Push Up Challenge is a simple 30 day exercise plan, where you do a set number of push up exercises each day with rest days thrown in! The workout increases in intensity slowly and day 30 will test anyone. In total the app has 6 workouts with 15 push up exercise variations. The workouts and exercises are suitable for both men and women of any age and fitness levels

To accomplish that, I began doing 100 pushups a day, every day. What began as a 30 day pushup challenge has turned into a year long event. With this article, I celebrate having completed 100 pushups every day for the last three months. That's 92 days in a row, and 9202 pushups completed. Why the extra two pushups? Well, on Day 1 I miscounted. The final day is 50 continuous pushups, although you have done 100+ in a day prior to that, broken up into sets. The challenge implies working up to 100 in a row — depending on where you start, probably unrealistic, but I think expectations should be reset there; and, 2. I reached the end and Alexa mentioned resetting for a new level. I guess that new level isn't available yet. I tried the.

challenges; guides; collections; mealplans; recipes; the hive ; 1. 30 push-ups. 2. 10 sec plank 2 times a day. 3. 35 push-ups. 4. 10 sec plank 3 times a day. 5. 40 push-ups. 6. 20 sec plank 2 times a day. 7. 45 push-ups. 8. 20 sec plank 3 times a day. 9. 50 push-ups. 10. 25 sec plank 2 times a day. 11. 55 push-ups. 12. 25 sec plank 3 times a day. 13. 60 push-ups. 14. 30 sec plank 2 times a day. this 50 push-up challenge will transform your body in 30 days September 12, 2018 March 1, 2021 Admin 0 Comments One of the latest challenges, if you are looking for ways to slim, is the 50 push-up challenge, which promises to transform your body in just 30 days

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I've seen fitness challenges that work your way up to doing something, like running a 5k. But the 50 burpees seemed more my level. Now that I've done the 50 Burpees a Day for 30 Days Challenge, Lau tells me to try a 30-day challenge that's more strength-based: I like the push-up, pull-up or squat challenges. Add friends or document it. The number of pushups you complete will determine which level of the program you'll start in Week 5. Make sure you perform this test within a couple of days of completing Week 4. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6. week 4: pick the same column depending as you did in week 3. DAY 1

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This challenge involved doing 100 push ups and 50 pull ups for six days a week over a total of three weeks. The challenge looks like this: Push up & Pull up challenge, download here The Exercises. Push ups: chest to floor on every rep, performed at speed and a focus on pulling the shoulders apart at the top of the movement (optimal for shoulder health). Pull ups: Gripping the bar overhand. I could do 15 push-ups of 3 sets with a slight struggle in the last set usually. I thought of giving myself a new challenge and routine with 100 push-ups every day for 30 days to bring on my 40th. Do 5 pull-ups (nickels) and then 10 push-ups (dimes) every minute on the minute. So if you do the 5 pull-ups and 10 push-ups in 30 seconds, you get a 30 second rest. If it takes you 50 seconds to do the set, you only get a 10 second rest. Do this for 10 minutes. Total will be: 50 pull-ups and 100 push-ups

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With so many challenges out there to hit 100 pushups (or even 50), Bootcamp attendees find themselves having to work their way up from single pushups, pullups, and situps to hundreds of reps of each. Delta force, and other elite US army units, are said to perform 200 pushups a day on average. Doing as many pushups as an elite US soldier should be reason enough to work your way to 200. Will. The application 100 push-ups includes next functionality (features): 💪 11 workout programs from 0 to 100 pushups. 💪 fast statistics (your current average level of push-ups, current program, status and medals) 💪 backup and restore data to remote server. 💪 the reminder feature helps you don't miss a workout

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Answer (1 of 47): I've done around 100 pushups a day for the past few months, give or take. Mostly around 400 or so a week since I'll take a rest for a day in between a few days. So it's more like 100 for two or three days in a row then I'll rest a day or so, then go at it again. Some days I'd do.. Mind you, I didn't do variations, just 100 basic squats a day for 30 days, but oh man! Booty was POPPIN! I found it much easier to do if I broke it up into two parts. I did 50 squats while brushing my teeth in the morning, and another 50 while brushing my teeth before bed! It was torture but just seeing the results made it so worth it Day 2: Add one rep. If you started with 10, today you'll do 11. Again, divide these up. Maybe hit 5 reps in the morning, then 6 reps later in the day. Day 3 through 30: Add one rep every day! That's it. Now, of course, as your number grows you'll be dividing those into more not-to-failure sets throughout the day Answer (1 of 92): I do 200 pushups every day in 8 sets of 25 (usually at night) and have been doing them every day since around the start of April. I missed around 5-8 days in the time period from then until now (mid-late July) for extraneous circumstances, however it is practically a daily routi.. Darebee, darebee, fitness, visual workouts, workouts, fitness challenges, fitness motivation, training tips, recipes, nutritio I am currently 37, a 1.78cm and 89kg guy. I do this push-ups challenge. I usually do push-up within 3 years but not target this 1000 push-up less than 1 hour like this before. Now I'm at 300 push-up per day (randomly within a day around 30 ~ 45 push-up per set) and I plan start do EMOM as soon as possible. Hope this challenge help me lose 10 or more in the next few months. Thank you, Simon.